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Chambers, Information for GPs...

As a General or referring Practitioner, you may be aware of a growing trend for consultants to form themselves into groups, loosely know as’ Chambers’.

How will Chambers effect GP / Consultant relationships ?

Patient referrals to individual consultants or a group should be based entirely on the clinical needs and requirements of the patient. The GP will in most cases be the gatekeeper of referral and this traditional method of patient care should be maintained.

In some complex clinical problems (such as cancer) patient management should be improved by the multi-disciplinary approach offered by a specialist chamber. This should not incur any extra costs.

It is possible in the future that consultants chambers will become incorporated with GPs in some form of arrangement which may allow improved use of local resources at the primary care level

Chambers Directory

This website contains a database of active consultant chambers which can be searched by area, services and specialties.

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