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Chambers, Information for Patients...

As a patient, you may be aware of a growing trend for consultants to form themselves into groups, loosely know as ’Chambers’.

Partnerships of doctors in general practice are of course well established and accepted. However, patients are normally referred to individual consultants and you should not be confused or deterred by the fact that some consultants are working in groups.

Your relationship with your consultant should be no different to that experienced previously. Your GP will recommend a consultant or group of consultants who are best suited in their opinion to deal with your clinical condition.

There are several clinical benefits that can be achieved by consultants working as groups or Chambers. For example, some conditions such as cancer require the expertise of different specialists, such as surgeons, physicians, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists. Groups working together can more effectively monitor their treatments and results, and hold audits and other appropriate meetings in line with new stringent regulations imposed by the Care Standards Act.

Working in Chambers will also allow arrangements for consultant cover during annual leave or periods of illness and can provide suitable rotas for emergency cover by consultants so that this does not clash with their NHS or other commitments.

There are other economic reasons why consultants may wish to work in Chambers. Some consultants in the same specialty may need to purchase and share expensive equipment. Others may be sharing expenses of their support services such as secretarial, rental and administrative costs. Chambers help consultants keep their private practice cost effective.

Being referred to a consultant working in a chamber should not incur you any additional costs.

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This website contains a database of active consultant chambers which can be searched by area, services and specialties.

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Further Patient Information

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