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FIPO has accepted that groups of doctors working in any form of clinical consortia be they chambers partnerships or as a company can register their group and become members of FIPO.

The advantages to doctors in Chambers joining FIPO and in particular the Chambers sub-group include access to up to date information on the following topics:

  • Clinical (requirements by regulatory bodies for multi disciplinary approaches, recognition etc)
  • Political (NHS and private sector changes in regulations and market forces)
  • Economic (contracting with both NHS and PCTs and in the private sector with insurance companies)
  • Legal (changes in competition law, legalities and liabilities surrounding partnership agreements etc)
  • Accountancy (updated information on tax and other relevant issues)

    The FIPO Chambers sub-group

The Directory

As part of this process we wish to encourage all chambers to become part of the database accessible by patients, referring GPs and other consultants from this website.

A listing on this dedicated directory will allow Chambers to offer details of clinical services (all within GMC guidelines). This is an entirely professional web site and will be maintained as a non-profit making venture within the principles of FIPO. Sponsorship will limited to a number of paramedical concerns.

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