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Chambers, Benefits and Considerations...

Professional Entities

Consultants can practice medicine privately in any one of five different ways. Each of which need not be to the exclusion of the others. The five different ways of practicing are:

For a recent further legal review from Mr Michael Bonehill, Solicitor based on a presentation to the FIPO meeting on 7th March 2004 please click here

Objectives and Commitment

Any decision by a group of consultants to form "Chambers" or another legal structure will depend on their specialist interests, local facilities and demand and of course, most importantly, the clinical needs of their patients. No decision should be made without careful legal and account advice. Partnerships, and to a lesser extent Chambers arrangements, should only be entered into by consultants who are suited temperamentally to working together amicably.

More objectives and commitment...

More legal and ethical issues...

Obstacles to Overcome

There are many obstacles to overcome before a successful group can be formed.

Most consultants are under the impression that they have to disclose and share their own private practice with other members of the group. This need not happen if members wish to retain their own private practices. The group can be set up to accommodate this.

More about overcoming obstacles...

Exit Route

Most consultants will set the ground rules for joining a group but ignore rules relating to someone’s departure. In addition, since a group has a greater financial life span than an individual consultant then goodwill may become a valued asset as it is for other professionals including dentists.

The exit route should be discussed at the inception of joining together as a group and documented as the passage of time can cloud memories.

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